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Chiang Mai Medical Journal is official journal of Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is published 4 issues per year.
  ISSN 0125-5983 
Imprint Faculty of Medicine 
  Vol. 55, No. 1(Suppl)
  pp.1-84( 2016 )
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  Current Issue  Vol.55 No.1(Suppl) 2016 (Pages 1-84)

  Original Article
Effect of acidic amino acid substitution at the pr-M junction of dengue type 2 virus on prM cleavage and virus replication
  Rungtawan Sriburi, Tassanee Rattanapak, and Nopporn Sittisombut
  Pages 1-9    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.1
The comparison in detection of Legionella pneumophila from water in cooling tower between cultivation method and duplex-PCR
  Amornrat Intorasoot, Anusorn Boonthum, and Sorasak Intorasoot
  Pages 11-22    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.2
Stress adaptation in Talaromyces marneffei
  Monsicha Pongpom, and Nongnuch Vanittanakom
  Pages 23-30    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.3
Comparison of biochemical characterizations with PCR ampli fi cation in identi fi cation of Malassezia species isolated from pityriasis versicolor and healthy volunteers
  Proawpilart Intayot, and Sirida Youngchim
  Pages 31-43    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.4
Study of Streptococcus suis invasion and adhesion on U937 cells
  Orathai Yinsai, Hathairat Thananchai, and Kwanjit Duangsonk
  Pages 45-54    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.5
Cytotoxic effect of Streptococcus suis on peripheral white blood cells
  Hathairat Thananchai, and Kwanjit Duangsonk
  Pages 55-65    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.6
Expression of Blimp-1 transcription factor mRNA isoforms in the mononuclear cells from bone marrow of leukemia and lymphoma patients
  Jedsada Kaewrakmuk, Laddawan Laomanit, Mongkol Punyot, Pimlak Charoenkwan, Weerasak Nawarawong, and Wilaiwan Petsophonsakul
  Pages 67-74    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.7
  Review Article
Bifidobacteria : important roles in the medical aspects
  Siriwoot Sookkhee
  Pages 75-84    Fulltext [PDF]
  DOI: 10.14456/cmmj.2016.8

  Aims and Scope

  Chiang Mai Medical Journal is official journal of Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
It is published 4 issues per year. Subscription rate is 80 baht for one year include domestic shipping. Send your check or money order paid for "The Editor, Chiang Mai Medical Journal" at the address above.

  Editor Talk

  From now on, the visitors can access the journal and its content via A Digital Portal of Health Science Journals in Thailand.
  In order to comply with the green environment, starting from 1 January 2011, Chiang Mai Medical Journal will accept only the online submission through the web-base system. The hard copy submission will be returned to the corresponding author.

  In order to submit the manuscript, the corresponding author must go to The corresponding author needs to log in to the system with his name. address, phone number and e-mail address.
Submit the cover letter, title page, main manuscript, tables, figures, and the authorship/financial disclosure/conflict of interest/and copy right transferred form, each in a separate file.
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