A 4-month-old infant with fever and skin lesions (Page 1/3)
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Virat Sirisanthana, M.D.
Department of Pediatrics, Chiang Mai University
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 Is it another case of Chromobacterium violacium sepsis (case 1)?


CC :fever for 5 days, skin lesions for 3 days
PI : 5 days prior to admission she developed high fever.
3 days prior to admission she developed skin lesion.
1 day prior to admission she developed dyspnea and progression of skin lesions.
Positive PE : temp = 39.5 O C, P = 120/min, RR 60/min, BP 80/50 mmHg.
Consciousness: drowsy. Lungs : crepitation both sides.
Skin lesions : as shown
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Figure 1: Distribution of skin lesion
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Figure 2 : Closed up lesions at right knee
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Figure 3 : hand
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Figure 4 : leg
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