Thai Traditional Complementary Medicine (TTCM)

TTCM is a non-profit agency working in response to governmental policy to offer health care alternatives to the general public. By 2009, Thailand was already promoting a greater awareness of the country’s traditional medical knowledge as part of a general policy of offering the public options in Alternative Medicine. This policy was recognized at the 8th National Medical Education Forum, which added Thai traditional medical knowledge to the country’s medical school curricula. These circumstances encouraged the Faculty of Medicine at Chiang Mai University to establish the Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine center (TTCM). The center’s objective was to integrate Thai traditional medicine with Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.


Since the center’s founding, TTCM has evolved into a major resource for the study and practice of this innovative fusion of Eastern and Western medical traditions that includes Thai Traditional Massage, herbal therapy, acupuncture therapy, and provides natural products for medical therapy purposes.

Thai Traditional Complementary Medicine (TTCM)
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