Interesting Cases (Problem list)
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Case 85 Sep 2012 A girl with asymptomatic facial rash for 4 months
Case 84 Sep 2012 A boy with generalized asymptomatic bumps for two years
Case 82 Oct 2011 A 16-day-old male neonate
Case 81 Jul 2009 A 13-year-old girl with alteration of consciousness and muscular rigidity
Case 80 Jul 2009 A 4-mo-old girl with hypotonia and poor feeding
Case 79 Aus 2008 A febrile 11-month-old boy with fever and skin rashes
Case 78 Jul 2008 A 5-year-old boy with subacute fever and skin lesions
Case 77 Apr 2007 A 4-year-old boy with RUL consolidation
Case 76 Jan 2007 An SLE boy with prolonged fever
Case 75 Aug 2006 A 4-year-old boy with prolonged fever
Case 74 July 2006 An HIV-infected boy with severe rash after starting highly active antiretroviral therapy
Case 73 Apr 2006 A boy with high fever, dypsnea, and hypotension
Case 72 Mar 2006 A girl with high grade fever and hepato-splenomegaly
Case 71 Dec 2005 Vesicolupapulaer lesions in a 18-month-old girl
Case 70 Nov 2005 Three boys with a history of closed contacts to tuberculosis
Case 69 Jul 2005 A difficulty breathing child
Case 68 Jun 2005 An infant with subacute fever and a skin lesion
Case 67 Jan 2005 An HIV-infeced child with abdominal pain
Case 66 Dec 04 An HIV-infeced child with an abcess at the left arm
Case 65 Nov 04 A thalassemic patient with prolonged fever
Case 64 Oct 04 An infant with prolonged fever and chronic diarrhea
Case 63 Sep 04 Fever without localizing sign in 2 children
Case 62 Aug 04 A 2-year-old boy with fever and lymphadenopathy
Case 61 July 04 A follow up of case 60 "abdominal discomfort"
Case 60 June 04 An HIV-infected child with prolonged fever and eye pain
Case 59 May 04 A 10-year-old boy with short stature and obesity
Case 58 Apr 04 Chickenpox with pneumonia in HIV-infected boy
Case 57 Mar 04 Toddlers with massive lower GI bleeding
Case 56 Feb 04 A 10-month-old girl with prolonged fever
Case 55 Jan 04 A 6-month-old infant with swollen ankle
Case 54 Dec 03 An HIV-infected boy with neck mass
Case 53 Nov 03 Infants with vomiting
Case 52 Oct 03 A 5 year-old boy with anemia and hemoglobinuria
Case 51 Sep 03 A thalassemic patient with sudden onset of high fever
Case 50 Aug 03 A 14-year-old boy with ecthyma gangrenosum
Case 49 Jul 03 A 6-year-old HIV-infected girl with neck mass
Case 48 Jun 03 A newborn infant with abdominal mass
Case 47 May 03 An 8-month-old infant withcough
Case 46 Apr 03 An 11-year-old girl with right ankle pain
Case 45 Mar 03 A febrile boy with multiple papular skin lesions
Case 44 Feb 03 A febrile girl with tonsillitis
Case 43 Jan 03 A 25 day-old infant with rash
Case 42 Dec 02 Oops! Doctor blew my lungs out
Case 41 Nov 02 A 9-month-old boy with prolonged fever and pancytopenia
Case 40 Oct 02 A 2-year-old boy with abdominal pain and prolonged fever
Case 39 Sep 02 A 4-year-old boy with obstructive sleep apnea and cor pulmonale
Case 38 Aug 02 A 13-year-old boy with fever and rash associated with antiepileptic drugs
Case 37 July 02 A 14-year-old febrile boy with knee pain
Case 36 June 02 A 2-year-old girl, pancytopenia, exophthalmos, polydipsia and polyuria
Case 35 Apr 02 A 9-year-old HIV-infected girl with fever and abdominal distension
Case 34 Mar 02 A 4-year-old girl with lower GI bleeding for 1 year
Case 33 Feb 02 A newborn with respiratory failure
Case 32 Feb 02 An 8 week-old male infant with cutaneous mass and consumption coagulopathy
Case 31 Jan 02 A 4-month-old girl with fever and rash
Case 30 Jan 02 A febrile 1-year-old boy with 2 episodes of skin rashes
Case 29 Dec 01 A 12-year-old girl with fever and chronic headache
Case 28 Nov 01 A 3-month-old boy with lower GI bleeding
Case 27 Aug 01 A febrile 8-year-old boy with skin lesions
Case 26 Aug 01 A 3-year-old girl with acute onset of dyspnea
Case 25 Aug 01 Fever without localizing sign in a 3-year-old boy
Case 24 Jul 01 Serology of cases with "Fever > 5 days without localizing sign"
Case 23 May 01 An irritable 7-month-old infant with high fever for 2 days
Case 22 Feb 01 A wasting 3-year-old boy with high intermittent fever for 7 days
Case 21  Jan 01 A 6-month-old infant with second attack of pneumoniae
Case 20  Apr 00 A Two-month-old infant with pneumonia
Case 19  Dec 99 Difficulty breathing in a 2 month-old girl

Case 18  Dec 99

Prolonged fever in a 5-year-old boy

Case 17   Nov 99

Anemia, hepatosplenomegaly and regression of development in a 13- month-old boy

Case 16   Oct 99

Low-grade fever and rash in a 3-month-old infant
Case 15   Oct 99 Progressive jaundice, draining ears and seborrheic dermatitis in a 20-month-old boy

Case 14   Oct 99

Fever with rash in a 1-year-old boy
Case 13  Sep 99 Fever with diffuse macular erythroderma in a 20-month-old boy

Case 12  Aug 99

Fever and cough in a 14-month-old boy

Case 11   Jul 99

Fever with generalized erythematous papules in a 13-year-old neutropenic boy
Case 10   Jul 99 Acute fever and drowsiness in a one-year-old girl
Case  9   Jun 99 Fever without a focus in a 9-month-old boy
Case  8   Mar 99 A 6-year-old boy with lung abcess
Case  7   Jan 99 Acute onset of pneumonia in a 4-month-old male infant

Case  6   Dec 98

A newborn baby born to mother with herpes zoster

Case  5   Nov 98

Skin lesions in 11-day-old newborn baby
Case  4   Nov 98 Fever without localizing sign in a 10-year-old boy
Case  3   Sep 98 Difficulty breathing in a 3 month-old girl
Case  2   Aug 98 Fever with skin lesions in a 4 month-old infant
Case  1   Jul 98 Fever with hemorrhagic and pustular blebs in a 13-year-old boy
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