Source Link Comment
WHO OMS Tropical diseases Fact sheets of important parasitic diseases such as African trypanosomiasis and so on
WHO Tropical Disease Research Image library of important parasitic diseases
Textbook of Microbiology 4th ed.University of Texas Medical Branch, from NCBI bookshelf A good textbook on Med parasitol, text and diagram on life cycle, famous author
Parasite Image, CDC, USA Not so many pictures, but they are good
DIAGNOSING MEDICAL PARASITES: A Public Health Officers Guide to Assisting Laboratory and Medical Officers Some good pictures of artefacts and parasites. Diagnostic manual (pdf) free download
Platyheminthes, Bellarmine College, KY, USA Some good pictures on flatworms
Animal and human parasite image, Kansas State University Free for educational and non-commercial use without permissions, provided that an appropriate acknowledgement is furnished citing Kansas State University
cover Basic malaria microscopy WHO, 2nd edition 2010 (pdf) Excellent drawings of Plasmodium in blood films including criteria for differentiation in thick and thin blood films
Trichinella Web site Movies and color picture/ diagrams about Trichinella
  Walter Reed Biosystematics Mosquito systematics