Center for Medical Excellence

Our Centers for Medical Excellence is emerging as a vital strategic asset for managing complex change initiatives and the application of the best practices through advanced medical technologies, innovation, IT optimization, and collaborative work. The Centers for Medical Excellence include four Centers of High Medical Technologies which are located in the Center for Medical Excellence main building, and two centers of comprehensive medical excellence located in a separated building.



The Center for Medical Excellence will be a leader in the field for providing a high standard of care utilising high medical technologies, innovation and an integrated medical service.



  1. To be a center of high technology in investigation, and treatment
  2. To be an organization that continually seeks to learn and improve with a “routine of research” concept embedded in our approach.
  3. To collaborate with all other teams in the Faculty
  4. To be a role model in public quality management.
  5. To work co-operatively with the private sector (Public-Private Partnership: PPP)
  6. To maintain standard-quality assurance with a robust risk management system.

Center of High Medical Technologies

  1. CMU Lasik Center
  2. Chiang Mai Laser Cataract Surgery Center (CLCS)
  3. PET/CT and Cyclotron Center (PCC)
  4. Women’s health Center (WH)
  5. Sleep Center


Center of Comprehensive Medical Excellence

  1. Geriatric Medical Center (GMC)
  2. Center of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TTCM)


Center for Medical Excellence
Siroros Road, Si Phum, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
Tel.: +66-5393-4710

Chalerm Pra Kiat Building

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CMU Lasik Center

PET/CT Scan service