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Laboratory, Department of Forensic Medicine Faculty of Medicine , Chiang Mai University Laboratory of the Department's laboratory , which is used for professional services , research and teaching in courses , with the equipment and tools such as Gas chromatography / Mass spectrometer and High performance spectrophotometer, laboratory instruments , DNA air . Add DNA Parts Machine automated DNA Parts Machine normal DNA Tools dyed gelatin sheets and bake Violet light emitting device Centrifuge etc.

                There are four main services run by the department,two are related to the patient and hospital and the rest are more general concerning academic knowledge, as following:

1. medicolegal death investigation and autopsy

2. clinical forensic medicine

3. medicolegal trace evidence investigation i.e. DNA, blood stain, hair etc.

4. forensic toxicology laboratory

5.DNA   service

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Forensic Medicine
Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University
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