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Training Program for Advanced Diploma in Proficiency in Forensic Medicine

Training Program for Advanced Diploma in Proficiency in Forensic Medicine, Thai Medical Council
A 3-year course for students who graduate the course Bachelor of medicine, and has registered as an entrepreneur. Health care professions with the Medical Council of Thailand. Successful medical training, then there must be a minimum of knowledge as follows:

1. The main purpose of
1.1 Autopsy can be done in conjunction with an investigation of all cases and can thakan surgical spirits to
.Diagnosis and forensic medicine and pathology, both by way of checking with the naked eye, and how the biopsy with a microscope with camera how to check
seek laboratory required. Who can provide comments about the cause and Dealing death
who are deceased dead? When properly, effectively, including the investigation report can be written
it is accurate and complete.
1.2 be able to detect cases of patients and medical records, as well as the audit report be written
. The comments about patient cases properly and appropriately. For more complex cases,
Knowledge of their capabilities, they can consult other experts accurately and appropriately
1.3. Can collect evidence on cases from the corpse and the patient to check himself or send a check to the appropriate specialist
1.4 be able to consult and advise on legal medicine as general physician. Other medical personnel and the general public as well as
1.Education and training can provide 5 forensics medicine as well as other personnel involved in forensic applications are appropriately and effectively
1.6. Be able to perform basic medical research have
1.There are 7 j khotkhati virtue and good interpersonal skills to patients, relatives of patients ' relatives who died and officials in all levels of the judicial process,
involved, as well as to all colleagues

2. The secondary aim
2.1. describe the scope of work and responsibilities of the medical personnel in all categories, with the role of the constant is related to the problem of community health
2.2 public health problems can be analyzed in the section related to accidents and disasters, including the different types of crimes about to injure the body and different types of life, as well as the problem of
.Incidence of atwinibatkam by
2.3 Understand the structure of the justice system of the country and be able to describe the role of health professional entrepreneurs in
support for the justice system to uphold justice in society
2.4 be able to monitor and respond to the Government's health policy,
as well as course content and structure of that
1 training. The law related to the medical profession, the public health system and autopsy
2.Basic pathology
3.Basic toxicology
4 Autopsy
5 Examination of the patient cases
6 Clinical research and analysis of the research publication.


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