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Autopsy autopsy
is a verification to see its dead, but just outside. Find the cause and circumstances of the dead who are considered dead when death by stabbing people. Section 129 that "to be investigated, including the autopsy in case of death as a result of the criminal offences referred to in this code, as an autopsy; If an autopsy is not finished yet. Where there are legal, medical, and an intention to investigate operation monitoring the bodies were found, except that the autopsy to verify the living conditions he places the incident may cause cause a traffic jam. Or may cause danger to the general public. The doctor and staff investigation shall have the right to be able to move the body to perform the autopsy and other appropriate places.

According to the legal considerations section 148 criminal methods that "when there are apparent or visible grounds should be suspected in any person die by natural death or wrong during the officer's control, with autopsy. Can see that the current traffic condition is causing a lot of traffic accidents? Almost all the accident died. Institute of forensic science Office of the national police, which is often used in surgical spirits themselves.

Steps to send the bodies to autopsy and the death certificate been
1. The police or the rescue or oppon. Body is sent. Must be laid through the funeral guard prior to examining the bodies and clothing came to the funeral with his wrist tagging
2. His body guard to the authentication Department of forensic medicine
3. After checking out the sut requester filing funeral guard officer to obtain a certificate of death. The document, an identification card of the deceased or the deceased's household registration and identity card of the applicant.

Note that the applicant must be an employee who questioned his management books are indicated in cases of death from outside. A hospital or a relative of a deceased

2.step request for autopsy report
1.After a doctor performing the autopsy, his body can be obtained instantly at the funeral ceremony for guard.
2.If want to call relatives, autopsy reports, MAS exam question autopsy at the Department of forensic medicine. By detail who died. Day of the dead Places authorities to inspect
3.If the employee notification and investigation of cases to get autopsy or had relatives in early April and the nuat led to an investigation
4.To qualify, please contact relatives copies of autopsy reports from police officers to perform various transactions as usual.

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